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Avondale House is a United Way agency that recognizes each individual with autism has unique strengths and needs and utilizes various training strategies to support their different learning styles.

We specialize in working with children and adults who are profoundly impacted by this disorder, and implement effective plans to promote positive changes in those we serve. Our day school program, adult day habilitation program and residential group home services are designed to nurture individuals on the spectrum throughout the course of their lives, while helping them reach their fullest potential.
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Mission Statement

Avondale House provides individuals with autism the resources, education, and training to develop to their fullest potential.


About Us

Avondale House is the only agency in greater Houston that serves individuals living with moderate to severe autism from ages 3 years through the end of life. We do this through a variety of services, including a year-round school, adult day program, supported employment program, and family-oriented group homes. In addition, Avondale House provides the families who love these individuals with essential resources, beginning with a diagnosis of autism through caring for their adult child.  Ultimately, we provide our families with the comfort and assurance that their children become a part of the Avondale House family and will be taken care of and encouraged to develop to their fullest potential.


Our Texas Education Agency-approved, year-round day school serves more than 75 students from over 20 different school districts. In addition, our adult day habilitation program serves over 30 clients ages 22 and older, and we operate four residential group homes near the main campus.


In 2019, Avondale House launched a supported employment program that serves community members with a primary diagnosis of autism as well as current adult clients according to their ability.   Collectively, these four service areas define a setting that is nurturing and structured, encouraging and fostering positive self-worth and independence in all of the individuals we serve. 

Covid-19 Update

Employment Services

(The contact for this program is Crosby Hebert at

Career Opportunities

Contact Us

Avondale House
3737 O’Meara Drive
Houston, Texas 77025
713/993-9544 (office)
713/993-0751 (fax)


Office Hours
Mon.-Fri. 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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