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The most personalized school in the world: one-to-one classes customized for your child.


Entirely personalized: socially, emotionally, and academically



Fusion Houston Galleria is a private school where classes are one-to-one: one student and one teacher per classroom. Our Teacher/Mentors can personalize curriculum and pacing for their student's strengths, interests, and learning styles. Students may attend full-time for middle and high school or part-time with classes for credit, tutoring and mentoring, post-secondary counseling, and more. Fusion offers rolling enrollment and customized scheduling so students can start at any time of the year and take classes at a time of day that works best for them. 


Types of Children Served:

In a one-to-one setting, Fusion Academy serves children and families who feel they are not thriving in a traditional school setting. We work with students with a variety of learning differences including, but not limited to ADHD, High Functioning Autism, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia as well as anxiety, depression, and students transitioning from a long-term therapy or rehab center.


Fusion Academy - Houston Galleria


Address: 5065 Westheimer Road Suite 840

Houston, TX 77056


Phone: 713-963-9096

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