Gateway Academy serves students with social and academic challenges through innovative approaches to learning, physical fitness, and social awareness. Our graduates encounter a changing world with self-advocacy, opening a path to personal significance in college, career, and community.


Gateway Academy serves 6th—12th graders who have learning differences that impact social, academic, and critical thinking skills. We are committed to providing an environment that prepares students for successful experiences in the workplace and college settings.


Our population of learning differentiated students is encouraged to develop critical thinking, enhance personal appreciation and foster a vision of their future self. Gateway has a rolling admissions policy whereby students may be enrolled throughout the year.


Gateway Students practice language, pragmatics, critical thinking and social skills on a daily basis. Our teachers are highly skilled educators who have knowledge of the issues our students face. Gateway students learn and practice applying language and social skills in real life situations. We are focused on providing intervention and guidance in and out of the classroom. We have a full time Licensed Family Counselor and a Speech/Language Pathologist giving this guidance and support. Additionally, our students develop these skills during twice monthly trips to community service locations. This activity serves the purpose of showing each learner how they can be of service while developing teamwork, accountability, and self esteem.


Research indicates that exercise serves to build stamina, increase attentiveness, develop coordination skills, and suppress anxiety. We teach our students to develop daily lifestyle patterns that will support their future learning and growth. Each morning our entire community begins with “Fit Club”. We participate in team sports, running, weight lifting, balance and aerobic activities to develop patterns of fitness that will carry into adulthood.


Michele Joseph

Head of School


Steve Tiemann

Director of Admissions


The Gateway Academy

3721 Dacoma Street

Houston, TX 77092




Gateway provides a curriculum that follows the Texas recommendations for high school graduation. Our students excel in a traditional curriculum provided in a non-traditional manner. Teachers meet each student at their current academic level and enable them to advance at their own maximum pace. We use and adapt state approved textbooks and traditional grade level projects to give the students a challenging, comprehensive experience.


We encourage the student to develop strong skills in communication, time management, and organizing schedules and tasks. Many of these skills are supported with a technology-based curriculum. Our goal is to give the students a curriculum that matches their learning needs while encouraging their growth towards the next level of education.


Additionally, we have a vocational program that fosters job skills in our upperclassmen. Our juniors and seniors receive vocational education during the school day. This includes resume preparation, mock interviews, and informational meetings with local businesses. During their senior year, many students are employed to help put these skills into action. We have a vocational coach on staff to assist with this process. Places of employment for Gateway alumni include Target, HEB, Applebee’s, Three Brothers Bakery, Kenny and Ziggy's, and many more.  The goal is to equip our graduates with tools to allow them to be successful in the workplace.

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