Since 1997, The Harris School has been a unique beacon for children with mental and neurological disorders. The Harris School serves as a 501(c)3 organization, enrolling approximately 40 students who live in Houston and the surrounding areas. Parents seek the help of The Harris School when their children’s normal courses of development are interrupted by anxiety, depression, trauma, or diagnosed attention, sensory or behavioral disorders such as: ADD, ODD, Tourette Syndrome or Asperger’s Syndrome. These interruptions can sometimes result in inappropriate behaviors which mask the child’s ultimate potential, and make it impossible to succeed in a mainstream, traditional classroom.  Located in the heart of southwest Houston, The Harris School helps these children return to their normal courses of development so they will be able to learn and achieve in ways that are positive for themselves, their families and society.

The mission of The Harris School is to provide an exceptional learning environment for students and their families, integrating an academic and therapeutic program designed to enhance self-awareness, problem solving skills and social-emotional well-being.

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Susan Spencer – Director


6210 Rookin Street

Houston, TX 77074

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