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The HUB Houston

The HUB Houston is a relationship-centered educational program for young adults with neurological differences.  We are bringing belonging to life in a community where members are Heard, Understood and Believed in.
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The HUB Houston envisions a world of belonging for all.

Members are invited to “do the work” of belonging – of reaching full contribution in community – through a distinctive educational curriculum called The Journey of Belonging, which targets both academic and professional growth. The HUB works with children and adults ages 14 and up who have neurological differences


Creating a community where all are Heard, Understood, and Believed in requires living our values. Four principles are infused in everything we do:


Our moral compass points us towards inclusion, always.

Integrity: You’ll find us being true to ourselves and each other, 
where authenticity meets respect.

Collaboration: We build stronger, together, actively partnering with 
each other and friends in the community. 

Joy: Sharing this runs through our DNA.  Every moment is an 
opportunity for playfulness and optimism. 

Every day, each member is invited to practice building belonging. They track their progress in four goal areas:

1. Competence: Becoming a credible contributor of our strengths & skills

2. Independence: Becoming the manager of our abilities & actions

3. Care: Offering gifts and gratitude to our world

4. Membership: Belonging authentically within our communities

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4209 Galway Lane

Houston, Texas, 77080

Phone 346-701-1714

Fax 346-701-1715  

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